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Youth Development Champion Program

You Could be a Champion

You could be a ChampionIf you’re interested in being a leader as part of our Give Life High School Challenge, the Youth Development Champion workshop can help you build your skills at recruiting peers and getting others involved in blood donation.

You’ll spend the day with other students from local high schools to learn about Canadian Blood Services, the Give Life High School Challenge and how to get involved. You’ll get the inside scoop on blood biology, what makes donors eligible to give, volunteer opportunities, how to plan a clinic and—importantly—all the ways blood and blood products are needed in our health system.

Am I eligible to be a Youth Development Champion?

If you’re a high school senior and actively involved in student government, a school leadership program or have been identified for leadership development, we’d love to hear from you. You don’t need to be a blood donor to be a Youth Development Champion. (Only people 17 and older can give blood. See our eligibility page for more information about that.)

What will I do as a Youth Development Champion?

Youth Development Champions help our staff recruit donors and promote blood clinics for their schools’ participation, using brochures, posters, presentations and other materials provided by Canadian Blood Services. You’ll work closely with our staff on all of this, getting mentorship and experienced guidance.

What will I gain from participating?

Becoming a Youth Development Champion is a great way to develop your leadership, communication, organization and planning skills. It also goes toward your community service requirement. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped save or improve lives of patients in need of blood products across Canada.

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