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Funding Opportunities

The Centre for Innovation has multiple funding programs open to Canadian researchers interested in pursuing projects focused on Canadian Blood Services research, training and educational priorities.

The Centre for Innovation constantly seeks partners to leverage expertise and funding to deliver innovative funding programs addressing the needs of Canadian Blood Services. For example, currently, the Centre for Innovation is in a partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Circulatory Health and Respiratory Health, to fund operating grants and new investigator awards.

Find out how to acknowledge your Canadian Blood Services funding support here and how Canadian Blood Services can help you disseminate your research findings. 

Current Opportunities

Award Name Award Type Competition Status Next Competition Deadline
BloodTechNet Award Program Educational grant Open November 30, 2018
James Kreppner Award Program Research grant Open November 30, 2018

Kenneth J. Fyke Award Program

Research grant Open

November 30, 2018

Graduate Fellowship Program Fellowship Open November 30, 2018
Intramural Research Grant Program Research grant Closed Fall 2018
Blood Efficiency Accelerator Award Program Research grant Closed TBD
MSM Research Grant Program Research grant Closed TBD
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program  Fellowship Closed

Summer 2019

Canadian Blood Services / CIHR New Investigator Salary Award

Salary support

Closed TBD
Canadian Blood Services / CIHR Operating Grants

Operating grant



Transfusion Medicine Research Program Support Award

Program support Closed TBD

Summer Research Scholarship Program




Transfusion Medicine Residency Fellowship

Fellowship Closed TBD

CIHR's Health System Impact Fellowship Program

Fellowship Closed TBD
Trainee Travel Bursary Program Travel Bursary Closed TBD


Contact Information for Funding Opportunities: