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Updated October 2017

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Title Authors Yearsort ascending Journal Link to Article Intended Audience Purpose
Extracellular vesicle characteristics in stored red blood cell concentrates are influenced by the method of detection Almizraq RJ, Seghatchian J, Holovati JL, Acker JP 2017 Transfus Apher Sci Researchers Basic research
Intersecting worlds of transfusion and transplantation medicine: An international symposium organized by the Canadian Blood Services Centre for Innovation Hodgkinson KM, Kiernan J, Shih AW, Solh Z, Sheffield WP, Pineault N 2017 Transfus Med Rev Health care providers Other
Clinical studies of ex vivo expansion to accelerate engraftment after umbilical cord blood transplantation: a systematic review Kiernan J, Damien P, Monaghan M, Shorr R, McIntyre L, Fergusson D, Tinmouth A, Allan D 2017 Transfus Med Rev Researchers Clinical research
Pre-transfusion testing Lane D 2017 Clinical Guide to Transfusion Health care providers Other
The importance of iron for whole blood donors: a Canadian perspective Pambrun C, Goldman M 2017 website Health care providers Other
ResearchUnit: Designing a new and improved drug to dissolve blood clots Pryzdial E 2017 website Other Other
Fast Facts: Opt-out Consent for Organ Donation Toews M 2017 Canadian National Transplant Research Program Fast Policy Facts Other Other
Do we know if we deplete or treat the donor’s iron? Goldman M, Van den Burg P 2017 Transfusion Today Health care providers Clinical research
Nanoformulated water-soluble paclitaxel to enhance drug efficacy and reduce hemolysis side effect Gu W, Chen J, Patra P, Yang X, Gu Q, Wei L, Acker J, Kong B 2017 J Biomater Appl Researchers Basic research
Risks and trends of red blood cell transfusion in obstetric patients: a retrospective study of 45,213 deliveries using administrative data Shehata N, Chassé M, Colas JA, Murphy M, Forster AJ, Malinowski AK, Ducharme R, Fergusson DA, Tinmouth A, Wilson K 2017 Transfusion Health care providers Clinical research
Impact of technical and assay variation on reporting of hemolysis in stored red blood cell products Almizraq RJ, Yi QL, Acker JP 2017 Clinica Chimica Acta Blood operators New or improved product or process
High-Quality Randomized Controlled Trials in Pediatric Critical Care: A Survey of Barriers and Facilitators Duffett M, Choong K, Foster J, Meade M, Menon K, Parker M, Cook DJ, Canadian Critical Care Trials Group 2017 Pediatr Crit Care Med Researchers Clinical research
Experiences with semi-routine production of riboflavin and UV-B pathogen-inactivated platelet concentrates in three blood centres van der Meer PF, Couture C, Hervig T, Kruit G, Devine DV, de Korte D, Kerkhoffs JL 2017 Vox Sang Blood operators New or improved product or process
Endothelial-Specific Deletion of Autophagy Related 7 (ATG7) Attenuates Arterial Thrombosis in Mice Yau JW, Singh KK, Hou Y, Lei X, Ramadan A, Quan A, Teoh H, Kuebler WM, Al-Omran M, Yanagawa B, Ni H, Verma S 2017 J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg Researchers Basic research
Integrin PSI domain has endogenous thiol isomerase function and is a novel target for anti-platelet therapy Zhu G, Zhang Q, Reddy EC, Carrim N, Chen Y, Xu XR, Xu M, Wang Y, Hou Y, Ma L, Li Y, Rui M, Petruzziello T, Lavalle C, Stratton TW, Lei X, Reheman A, Chen P, Zhu C, Wilkins JA, Hynes RO, Freedman J, Ni H 2017 Blood Researchers Basic research
Early γ‐irradiation and subsequent storage of red cells in SAG‐M additive solution potentiate energy imbalance, microvesiculation and susceptibility to stress‐induced apoptotic cell death Qadri S, Chen D, Schubert P, Devine D, Sheffield W 2017 Vox Sang Researchers New or improved product or process
Nucleic acid extraction from buccal tissue for prediction of red blood cell phenotype Berardi P, Cote J, Clarke G, Scalia V, Liwski R, Goldman M 2017 Transfusion Researchers New or improved product or process
Selection and characterization of a DNA aptamer inhibiting coagulation factor XIa Donkor DA, Bhakta V, Eltringham-Smith LJ, Stafford AR, Weitz JI, Sheffield WP 2017 Sci Rep Researchers Basic research
Group O RBCs: where is universal donor blood being used Barty RL, Pai M, Liu Y, Arnold DM, Cook RJ, Zeller MP, Heddle NM 2017 Vox Sang Health care providers Clinical research
Translational feasibility of soluble nanobiotherapeutics with enhanced red blood cell functions Chang TMS 2017 Artif Cells Nanomed Biotechnol Researchers New or improved product or process
Blood Administration de Biasio L, Rymer T 2017 Clinical Guide to Transfusion Health care providers Other
T Regulatory Cells and Dendritic Cells Protect Against Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury via IL-10 Kapur R, Kim M, Aslam R, McVey MJ, Tabuchi A, Luo A, Liu J, Li Y, Shanmugabhavananthan S, Speck ER 2017 Blood Researchers Basic research
Acid sphingomyelinase mediates murine acute lung injury following transfusion of aged platelets McVey MJ, Kim M, Tabuchi A, Srbely V, Japtok L, Arenz C, Rotstein O, Kleuser B, Semple JW, Kuebler WM 2017 Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol Researchers Basic research
ResearchUnit: It's a numbers game: improving cord blood stem cell transplantation success Pineault N 2017 website Other Other
Alternatives in blood operations when choosing non-DEHP bags van der Meer PF, Devine DV, on behalf of the BEST Collaborative 2017 Vox Sang Blood operators New or improved product or process